Sunday, 3 December 2017

Videos Of The Week #28: Vet Bite Advent

Yes, yes, yes... I know... late again. Let's just say life has been happening in a sort of unplanned way. Many apologies, especially after last week. As I seemed to curse things last week by saying I'd make up for it this week, I won't say that again. Instead, let's get straight into to videos...


And I spent thirty pissing quid on it.

Well, here we are in December. Shite. Really? Yes, really. Of course, the start of December means Advent, which entails opening pieces of cardboard and being disappointed with the outcome. At least it does these days anyway. In recent years, a number of "specialist" advent calendars have come onto the market that include non-edible gifts and various shit novelties that give the manufacturer an excuse to jack up the fucking price. 

Basically: don't buy them. They're a waste of money. Seriously, look at the ones that have a miniature bottle of the same alcohol product behind each door, divide the calendar price up by those bottles, then compare it to a big bottle containing the same quantity of of said product in it. It's not worth it, at all.

Anyway, Ashens and Nerdcubed have bought such things, so you don't have to. After doing it last year with shitty construction-block-related calendars, this year they've gone crazy and bought 4 very different ones. Here is day 1...

You can catch up and continue with this expensive insanity over on the 'extraashens' channel.




And now we return to Simon's Cat, as he has the difficult task of taking said feline to the dreaded word up there. Good luck...

That's all for this week. Hopefully things will approach some form of normality next week. Whatever that is...

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