Sunday, 26 November 2017

Videos Of The Week #27: Minus The 'S'

Yes... I know it's late. Very late. Basically, for most of the last week, I've been a very ill mess and as a result, I've spent most of my time lying down in a darkened room, trying to get better. Because of this, I've not been able to put together the latest VOTW in the usual way, so as some sort of consolation, here's one big video.

Oh she heard it alright

On the 1st November 1988, the BFI took it upon themselves to make a record of the entire day's output of Television in the UK, which would then be stored in their vast archives. One small part of this was a feature-length documentary made by Yorkshire Television, which followed a varied range of broadcasters around the UK on this day, from before daybreak, until well after sunset.

The documentary itself was transmitted a year later and provides an informative snapshot of Television in Britain as it stood on a point of massive change. Pay close attention to what Jeremy Paxman and Greg Dyke say in their interviews. They nailed it, as far as what would eventually happen.


And that's all for this week. Once again, many apologies for the lateness and shortness of content. With any luck, I'll be back to full health next week and I can spoil you with clips.

Ta-ra for now.

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