Friday, 27 October 2017

Videos Of The Week #23: Poundland Cat Arse

Are you shitting me? Is it really the end of October? Really!? Honestly!?


Yes. Yes it is. It is also time for another Videos Of The Week so sit down, unscrew your eyeballs and secure your sensitive parts, as it's time to for you to be force-fed more visual medication.


Xenoxxx has fallen

If you have been following Videos Of The Week, you may be aware that a thing called Mr Biffo's Found Footage has been existing before our very eyes and bottoms for some time now. You may also know that I am one of many, many backers of this wonderfully wrong project. After weeks of disturbing the mind glands of everyone on this planet, we have reached the finale and what a finale it is, as I present The Trojan Arse Protocol... 

If you haven't been following Found Footage, I urge you to go back to the beginning and give it a go. It has been a real joy to watch and an absolute honour to be part of in a small way. Watch this space to see what may or may not happen in the near future.

My favourite ruby-eyed piece of shit in history

It's Halloween weekend... well... it's the weekend before Halloween, so... yeah. Anyway, we return to the brown sofa of Ashens, as he brings us the best/worst of what the pound shops have to offer us for this year's horrific festivities and as you will see, they didn't disappoint...


And finally for this week, we end with a triple bill of Simon's Cat, with a distinct Halloweeny feel...

That's all for now. More next weekend. Until then, goodnight... whatever you are.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*coughcough* Ow.

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