Friday, 13 October 2017

Videos Of The Week #21: BBC Job Paradise Drone

Bloody hell, is it that time again?

Why yes... yes it is. It's Videos Of The Week time again. I'm talking to myself. Why am I talking to myself? Put some clothes on. Shut up. No you shut up. Or shit up. Or whatever. Eat some biscuits because yeah... I haven't forgotten what to say, or anything.

Shall we?


We start this week with a beautiful short video from Geoff Marshall, featuring drone footage shot on a lovely day in Brighton last week. Enjoy... and try not to let the onset of shite weather and shorter days days depress you too much...

What are we doing for lunch tomorrow

Next, we're back with Fail Army to observe some utter fuckwits being utter fuckwits at work. Seriously, you won't believe some of the fuckwittery you're about to witness. 

WARNING: Contains fuckwits.


You've got my tankard

Going back a few years to the mid-1990s, the BBC ran a series of promos that set out to show people the things it could exclusively do because of the way it is funded: by you. Well... us... well... you get the idea. Anyway, one of the best ones was created by Reeves and Mortimer and took the form of programme trailer...

Given some of the crap we've ended up with since then, International Anvil Throwing would be very welcome, indeed.

Daises and buttercups 

And finally, we end with some music courtesy of Squeeze. Here's the video for the first single off their forthcoming album. It's 'Innocence In Paradise' and the album is called The Knowledge and is out next week...

That's yer lot for this week. Come back for more next week. You fuckwits.

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