Friday, 6 October 2017

Videos Of The Week #20: Mini Swiss TV Mess Time


That's right... TWENTY.



It's the 20th Videos Of The Week. Cocking hell, you keep coming back for more, as well. And I thank you. Now, watch this...



Wake up Daddy, breakfast's ready

Hello! To celebrate this milestone, it's a bit of a themed Videos Of The Week. Breakfast-themed. For no good reason. But hey... breakfast. We start with an advert that many of us of a certain age remember very well, mainly for happy nostalgic reasons but also because a rather disgusting breakfast combination....

The uploader has disabled embedding, so you shall have to click this link.
Swiss Roll and Beans. Mind you, there's probably a Hipster out there currently planning on launching a café that sells exactly that. In a coffee jar. On a CD. For £20.

It's all about portion control

Let's have a more traditional breakfast, shall we? Here's Barry (who we saw making a giant Crunchie in the first ever VOTW) attempting to make a teeny, tiny full English breakfast...

You have to admire him for taking the time and effort for a tiny meal that is gone in half a second. It's also a handy way to piss someone off if you offer to make them breakfast and they say they only want a small one.

There's probably a Hipster out there currently planning on launching a café that sells exactly that. In a bottle top. On a reproduction bronze medal from the 1984 Olympics. For £37.23.

In a few moments, it'll be breakfast time

As silly as it may seem now, we didn't always have dedicated TV at breakfast. Here in the UK, it didn't properly show up until 1983 - quite some time after many countries had started waking up their transmitters at the crack of dawn. The BBC got there first on these shores with Breakfast time and it surprised a lot of people, who thought it would just be a posh bloke in a suit behind a desk, reading the news for 3 hours. 

What the BBC actually opted for would go on to become the blueprint for breakfast TV in the UK and fashions and faces aside, it's still pretty much the same now. Here's how the first morning started...

I know not everyone agrees, but TV was so much better back in those days, when it actually took things slowly. There's too much of a rush now to force things down the viewer's throat.

A visibly tired and grumpy timelord

Among those who were surprised (or rather caught out) by by the BBC's approach towards breakfast TV was The Other Side, in the shape of TV-am. Starting just a couple of weeks after Breakfast Time, TV-am quickly made the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. The story of the first commercial breakfast TV broadcaster in the UK is quite a remarkable one, so here is Applemask to tell you all about it, as part of his brilliant ITV In The Face series from 2015.

Probably not poisonous at all


That's your lot for this week. Good morning, you bastards.

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