Friday, 29 September 2017

Videos Of The Week #19: Bowie's Mail Scenes


It's time for yet another Videos Of The Week - the last one of September. Can you effing believe it? I know I fucking can't. Make yourself comfortable, draw a picture of a happy-looking dog, then scream "VIDEO BASTARDS" at it until you're sick in its pretend face. Then watch the following.

Ich bin Groot

Sometimes, when you see the latest worldwide blockbuster at the cinema, you may find yourself laughing at a line or reference that probably only means something in the country that you are in. If that film was made in your country then that's fair enough, but what if it was made elsewhere? Why did they mention something that only people in one country would understand, if this film is meant for a global audience? Well the chances are that you're watching a version of the film that has been changed to fit better into the culture of your country. 

The following video from Screen Rant provides some examples of some well-known films that have had subtle or large changes made to them for various countries...

$88 for three minutes

If you think that the concept of voicemail is only a fairly recent thing, then you're wrong, as back in the 1960s in America, one company developed a system which was supposed to help people avoid making costly, long-distance telephone calls to other states. It was called the Mail Call system and as Techmoan explains and demonstrates, it wasn't exactly new or convenient, even in America in the late 60s...



Just as long as you are there

And to end with this week, let's be a little silly. Shall we dance?

That's all for now. More next week. Ta-ra!

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