Friday, 15 September 2017

Videos Of The Week #17: Gated Train Footage


You've reached the end of the week and you haven't killed anybody! If you have killed somebody this week, then that's VERY BAD. You don't get a biscuit and you're not allowed to view the latest Videos Of The Week, which is what this is. So, go on... sod off. Yes... S-O-D O-F-F.

Fuck, it's been a long week. Here we go...

In the air tonight

We start off with a mini documentary from the Vox channel that looks at what was one of the big sounds of the 1980s. The shorthand is usually provided by a certain Phil Collins track, or rather the sound of the drums on it. The technical term for that sound is Gated Reverb and as this videos explains, it came about by accident...

As a little extra treat, here is that famous use of Gated Reverb being used by Cadbury to sell some chocolate. How the shit was this 10 years ago!?

And here's Phil Collins talking about the ad, along with some random talking heads...

Wick... tick

You may recall in Videos Of The Week #9, we had a look at All The Stations - an ambitious project by Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe who wanted to travel to every train station in England, Wales and Scotland during the summer. Well, a few weeks ago, they reached the end of their journey and that last section was uploaded this week...

I'm so pleased they managed to do it, but also a bit sad that it's over. There is the promise of a full length documentary soon, including some bits and stations not covered in the individual vidoes and Vicki and Geoff have also hinted that there may well be more to come in the future, so stay tuned.


Finally, we end by revisiting the entire subject of last week's Videos Of The Week, by bringing you the first episode of the series, presented here in all it's wrong glory. Enjoy. You must enjoy.

Each new episode goes live every Sunday.

That is the end for this week. Piss off, please.

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