Friday, 14 July 2017

Videos Of The Week #8: Del Boy's Welsh Tango Location

IT IS TIME... for another Videos Of The Week so sit down, assume the 'brace' position and scream "I WANT SOME VIDEOS", whilst ramming copious amounts of blancmange into your mouth and down your underwear, you kinky sods.

Smells a bit, but she's very nice

First off, a short sketch from 'Barry Welsh Is Coming' - a sketch show created by and starring John Sparkes of 'Absolutely' fame. His show featured many of the characters he played in 'Absolutely', along with some new ones and although at the time it didn't get much exposure outside of Wales, it has since been discovered and enjoyed by many. The clip presented here is one of my favourites, featuring Gwyn - one of John's 'Absolutely' characters - indulging in a spot of karaoke...

I'm not sure why, but I love how the camera moves with John on each "ARRRRRGH". A very simple bit of repetition compared with what John is doing, but it just adds to the whole thing. It's a shame this show wasn't broadcast to a wider audience at the time and the continued lack of a full DVD release is rather baffling.

Abandoned to the elements

As you may have gathered from past Videos Of The Week, I have a bit of a fascination about abandoned places, especially locations or standing sets relating to Film and Television. Thanks to the Yesterworld Entertainment channel, I can indulge in this subject a little further, as they tell us what has become of some pretty iconic movie locations.

Only Fools and Hazlehurst

When you think of classic sitcom Only Fools and Horses, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the famous theme tunes that top and tail each episode, as sung by the show's creator, John Sullivan. But did you know that they weren't the original theme tunes used when the first series was originally broadcast? 

Initially, an instrumental piece composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst was used for the opening and closing sequences of the first series, but John Sullivan never liked it and after some persuasion, the familiar pieces were recorded and used from the second series onwards. The original theme was retained for early repeats of the first series, but it was eventually substituted for the Sullivan versions and forgotten about by many. Here, we get to see the opening titles using the original theme...

Imagine how different things might have been if this version had been retained throughout the original run...


For the final video this week, we venture away from the land of YouTube and set foot in Vimeo territory, to bring you a channel that I help to fund through Patreon. The channel in question is Bob The Fish Productions and it is well worth exploring, especially if you like in-depth documentaries about all things television.

The main programme on the channel is 'The Hard Sell', a programme all about adverts and it does exactly what it says on the tin. The video presented below is the most recent (as I type this), looking at the famous (in the UK, at least) and highly successful adverts for Tango in the 1990s. These videos are always worth making time for, in my opinion and with 59 videos so far plus two other series on the channel, there's a lot to keep you busy. Enjoy.

During this weekend, the next installment - continuing the story of the Tango ads - should go online. If you really liked this video and you would like to become a financial supporter for future programmes like myself, then follow the link provided in the end credits.

That's all for this week. Take care and see you next week for more audio/visual ejaculations.

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