Friday, 28 July 2017

Videos Of The Week #10: Computer Pollen Safety Advert


As you can probably work out, it's time for another Videos Of The Week - the 10th edition. Bloody hell, that happened fast. Are you all sitting comfortably? No? Well get off that Hedgehog and sit on a chair you sick, perverted clunkblunder. And put some clothes on.

Right... VIDEOS.

No way... designer shoes, like me

Fasten your seat belts and pay attention to the following, as it is the new safety video that British Airways will be using on flights from the 1st September. Not exactly entertaining you may think, but this one is with a difference, as it features a whole host of celebrities auditioning for a chance to host the video, directed by Chabuddy G - AKA Asim Chaudhry.

As mentioned in the video, British Airways Flying Start is a charity partnership with Comic Relief and its aim is to raise money for children around the world who are living incredibly tough lives. You can find out more here.

The game is complete arse-candle, anyway

I think it's fair to say that most of us have probably played a computer game at least once in our lives, but for those of us who have owned various consoles over the years and played shitloads of games on them have sometimes come across games that take absolutely ages to complete, no matter how quickly we master the controls and general style of said game. In some cases, you may have found it completely impossible to reach the final level, let alone complete and win the game. 

If you had a problem doing so with one of the games featured in the next video, then that's because for various reasons, the developers never wanted you to win, so they actually made it impossible. Enter "Guru" Larry Bundy Jr, with one of his highly entertaining and revealing Fact Hunt videos...

And on and on and on

As Larry mentioned in the previous video, the theme from the Robocop game has cropped up in quite a few places, including that advert he showed a brief clip of. I remember that Ariston advert very well at the time and although it did annoy a lot of people, the young me was fascinated by it and to be honest, I still think it's a classic. Most people probably only remember the shorter versions, but there was a longer edit too and here it is...



Nah, only joking. Get this seasonal beauty from the 1990s in your eyes and ears, instead:

That's all for this week and alarmingly, that's all for July. What the actual shitting hell!? It's all going far too fast. STOP MASTURBATING SO MUCH AND GET OUT THERE AND ENJOY THE WORLD AND IT'S MANY THINGS.


Bye for now.

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