Friday, 9 June 2017

Videos Of The Week #3: Rik's Abba Dolly

Well, it's the end of another week and a tricky one, seeing as I'm writing this before we know the actual result of the General Election here in the UK, so no idea if everything will be on fire or not by the time most of you read this. Right, shall we begin?

The 'Vertigo' effect

Let's start off with something that causes a feeling of unease. No, not Donald Trump with his eyes shut, randomly slapping his hand down near the Big Red Button, but the Dolly Zoom: a clever technique used in film and television, usually to help create a feeling of unease as something nasty is about to unfold, although as this video below demonstrates, it can also be used to great effect in other ways...

Cut to wide shot of STAAAR

Today (Friday) marks 3 years since the tragic passing of The Rik Mayall. To be honest, part of me is still as much in shock about it as I was when I wrote about it a few days after it happened. In recognition of The Man, The Myth, The Legend, I thought I'd bring you a couple of Rik-themed videos because... well... they involve Rik Mayall. Need I say more? First up is one I have viewed many, many times and was compiled by Applemask (more from him in the near future) in the wake of Rik's death. Here we have a compilation of the adverts that Rik did for Nintendo in the early 90s, which I remember very well and I still think are the best ads ever made for a games console because... well... Rik.

Also, I really love the Nintendo jingle at the end of each ad.

Well... rrrock me...

Finally - for now at least - a short film originally made for the 50th anniversary of Eurovision in 2004, featuring Abba and some of their greatest hits. It's better to watch it, rather than explain further but not only is Rik in it, there are several other surprising and amusing cameos in this video, that it is worth watching for so many reasons. Time to get up and dance...

Oh, Rik... we still miss you.

Hope you've enjoyed these vids. See you soon.

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