Friday, 2 June 2017

Videos Of The Week #2: Abandoned Squeeze Absolutely Fails

Where the hell did the last week go? No idea. Anyway, it's the end of the week (aaaaand it's a new month scarily enough), so here is my second selection of videos that I happen to like. Hopefully you will too, so you can enjoy shoving them into your face again and again, forever. Onwards!

What colour is it?

Crap subheading, but that's not what you're here for, anyway. Let's get things started with one of my absolute favourite YouTube channels - Fail Army. I fully recommend having a browse of their videos if you enjoy a nice bit of Schadenfreude. They post a few videos each week, with a 'Fails Of The Week' video appearing every Friday (but some time after I post this). This particular video is an ideal one if you're heading into a weekend of fun. Even if you aren't it should provide you with some much-needed therapy. I particularly love the cocky graduate getting what he deserves...

Let's go shopping

Next up, an old favourite of mine that comes from 'Absolutely' - a sketch show that ran on TV between 1989 and 1993. It was one of those shows that once seen, was never forgotten which is quite a shame, seeing as it hasn't really been repeated since it came to an end (possibly because the 2nd episode from series 1 has been lost from the archives, but I doubt that would stop them). Anyway, this sketch comes from the 3rd series and is one of their most warped efforts, which is partly why I love it...

The whole series is available on DVD, should you wish to give it a go (The missing episode is included via an off-air home video copy).

Is this a thorn farm, or something?

Anyone who was growing up or had young children in the 90's will probably remember Tots TV, a pre-school show featuring 3 slightly creepy child puppets who lived in a tiny house, seemingly with no adult supervision (and after all those Public Information Films...). The series ran between 1993 and 1998 (in the UK, at least) and it seems that after production of the last episode was complete, the tiny house was just abandoned to the elements. 19 years later and it's still there! Nobody seems to know if it was custom-built for the show, or adapted from a pre-existing structure (although I'd guess it was the former, given how tiny it is), but either way, it has survived the best part of 2 decades quite well, as can be seen in the next video, which comes from the Hell On Earth channel...

Of course, exploring abandoned buildings is potentially dangerous and can leave you open to all kinds of trouble, so... well, y'know...

Part of what made Britain great

Finally for this week, that time one of my favourite bands trolled the Prime Minister on live national TV. 

Picture the scene: It's late morning on Sunday 10th January 2016 and it's coming to the end of that week's Andrew Marr show on BBC One. The then Prime Minister David Cameron has been the main guest on the show, being grilled by Marr in a fairly relaxed set up (all the better for catching out the guests). Marr rounds off the show by introducing Squeeze, who are there to perform the title track from their most recent album as the end credits roll. 

They are performing all music and vocals live. Cameron - who couldn't be more unpopular right now (of course, this was before he buggered off and left everything on fire) - is still sitting on the sofa, a matter of feet away from the band. He seems to be enjoying it, as much as a cold and emotionless Auton can enjoy anything. Then, the 1st repeat of the chorus moves into the final verse, the camera pulls back to a wide shot of the studio and Glenn Tilbrook doesn't stick to the original lyrics...

That's it for this week's vids. Hope you enjoyed them!

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