Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Attack Of The Mushrooms

When I returned home after helping my Parents move house, I was greeted with a rather bizarre example of nature taking over a man-made structure.

I always like seeing such things, as it's a good reminder that in the end, nature will always take things back from us, but I really didn't expect to see such a curious example at the bottom of the street I live on...

I'm not sure how long they had been visible before I spotted them, as I have no real knowledge about Mushroom growth and stuff like that, but to see them bursting through a CATV point (which is the access point for the underground wiring that supplies cable TV) is quite amazing. I've no idea how wide or deep the cable run is, but there appears to be a hell of a lot of the buggers pushing their way up and they're still there, almost 3 weeks after I spotted them invading this small part of West London.

I do love things like this. If you ever spot any yourself, feel free to get in touch and I might mention them in a future post... If the Mushrooms haven't killed us all by then...

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