Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sign Of The Times

One day... [Click to enlarge]

You may think that my drawing above is a little far-fetched, but trust me, it's not far from the truth, in my experience. Picture the scene a minute beforehand, as the unfortunate couple stand on the other side of the sign. It's quite a large sign. It has "DANGER" at the top of it in big red letters and a concise warning underneath, yet the couple just stand there. They even stare at it briefly, but the warning just doesn't seem to register with them. They step forward...

Every single second in this world, there are people ignoring great big fuck-off signs. Next time you're out and about, take some time to observe people doing exactly what the signs tell them not to do. You'll be surprised.

A stupid tit getting angry with a cash machine refusing to take their card, trying and trying again as the screen displays "SORRY, THIS MACHINE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF ORDER" in large letters. A businesstwat in a posh car swerving around a line of traffic cones and knocking down a temporary sign saying "ROAD AHEAD CLOSED". Some arrogant prick in a shop waving their bank card around and going on about being late and having their time wasted, as they stand there next to a large sign saying "CASH ONLY". People furiously yanking at the locked door of a shop that is in total darkness and is displaying a "Closed" sign. That one twat that always leans against a wall, right next to the "WET PAINT" sign. The people who constantly ignore the signs instructing them to queue in a certain direction and then get angry when they are the ones blocking an entrance or exit. Then, there's the one that we have all witnessed more times than we care to remember: Someone pushing a door that is clearly marked "PULL" or vice versa.

Yes, we've all done that last one at some point, I guess, but the other scenarios I mentioned are all genuine incidents I have witnessed over the years, usually involving really obvious signs that are designed to be noticed, yet they seem to be a waste of time. Why do so many people seem to have trouble registering things that are right in front of their eyes? Some people probably think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I honestly wonder how people who behave like that on a regular basis manage to get out of bed in the morning without having some sort of massive accident.

Honestly, why does this happen so much? Does anyone actually know? Maybe if we got to the bottom of it, the world would be a better place.


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