Thursday, 26 January 2012


So, it has been one hell of an odd week, packing all my things up at short notice, saying lots of goodbyes and moving down to London with just a suitcase and 2 bags full of stuff, at least until I get get my own place. In some ways it's nice living with a reduced amount of belongings, but bloody hell, I'm missing so much of my stuff. I'm also missing a lot of people, if I'm honest, but I knew it would be hard in that respect.

It feels great to be finally down here, though. As for the job... well... after a very brief time, they've let me go. It was a fundraising-based job with a heavy reliance on targets and I just wasn't meeting them. It's a complete load of shitting bum-powder that this has happened, but I can understand to a degree and I always knew deep down, that it would be a very tough job. Still... fuck.

Again, the hunt for a job down here resumes and the nerves and pissing uncertainty set in again. The CV has been updated once again and on the hunt I must go. Also, this paragraph has quickly turned into a load of mint and pepper-flavoured Giraffe spunk.

Anyway, today has got me thinking about various things, stepping back and looking at everything. I've got options to consider, but I haven't got all the time in the world. Fucking time, you evil shitcake.

Not really got much else to say right now. I'm currently in a thoughtful, reflective mood and I've no idea how to wrap this blog post up.


Vomit Sex.

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