Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Steam & Snot

Again, time has passed, not so much this time, but it has been a while and things have moved on a bit. Sorry, bit of a crap way of starting a new post, but all the inspiration I had for one earlier today has now gone to hide under the stairs because it's time to actually write the bloody thing. Anyway, you get the idea...

I finally got a new job in June (which I still refuse to believe was more than 2 weeks ago), I'm really happy there and it is a huge improvement on what I was doing before, when it all went wrong. Basically, that's the main development since May, but it has been a big change. I feel like I'm in a better place mentally. I'm not saying I'm cured, because I'm not. I'm still on my medication and I still get down days, but I 100% know now that I can beat this eventually.

I want to thank everyone again who has been there for me the whole time. Your support has done more than you realise, it really has.

Yeah... I've kind of run out of steam tonight. I have some ideas about stuff I want to blog about, but they deserve their own individual posts, rather than being stapled onto this silly little excuse of an update with snot hanging out of its nose. FOR SHIT'S SAKE, GET A COCKING TISSUE! NO! WIPE YOUR NOSE WITH IT! OH, FOR FU...

Erm... ok... I'll stop now. More stuff real soon. I actually promise this time.


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