Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Icky Green Nose Shite & Richard & Judy

I'm writing this in bed, full of cold. I hate being ill. Well, no surprise really, as nobody likes feeling as if their nose is going to explode, losing their sense of taste and smell and most of their hearing. I hate not going into work when I'm like this because I feel bad, given that there are people out there who can't work because they have far more serious problems or they can't even get a job, but I know I wouldn't have the energy to survive a working day, not forgetting the hygene issues involving the food we serve and all the Icky Green Nose Shite* currently being expelled from my body. Anyway, this is my second day off because of it. I'm determined to be in tomorrow, as I can feel steady improvement and it shouldn't be a long shift (he says, knowing that'll probably change).

Being home ill isn't the same these days. I often wonder if it's anything to do with being an adult, or just how times change on the whole, if that makes sense, which I'm not too sure if it does but sod it, it's my blog so I'll just keep on writing and see what happens. Basically, when I was younger and illness kept me off school, it would often mean being stretched out on the couch or my bed under my duvet watching This Morning with Richard and Judy on ITV or the schools programmes on BBC 2 and Channel 4. Every now and then, my Mum would check up on me/bring me food/drink etc and I'd just spend the daytime letting all this stuff take my mind off feeling like crap.

Somehow, it feels different these days. I think part of it is because I'm now an adult, I've left home, so therefore I'm looking after myself without anyone to check up on me or bring me stuff (though my housemate is being pretty ace when he can be, to be fair). Another part of it is because TV just isn't the same now. This Morning is still there as a programme, but it left Liverpool a long time ago, Richard and Judy left the show not long after and Fred and his weather map are no-longer anywhere to be seen (apologies to non-UK readers, as this is making no sense at all). Aside from that, ITV 1 isn't exactly an inviting channel 99.9% of the time these days.

As for the schools programmes: what schools programmes? The advent of DVDs, cheap players for them and the internet has all but killed off the need for specific daytime scheduling for such programmes, so they've been replaced by anything and everything really. Nothing special. None of it is as distracting, informative or entertaining as the stuff it replaced and it's a very sorry, but true sign of how bad TV has become. As a result, I've spent these last 2 days off trying (and failing) to sleep, watching DVDs and getting nostalgic on You Tube. Hmm, suddenly feeling a little hypocritical. Changes have been promised on the main BBC channels at least, but it's doubtful we'll notice the difference.

Oh well, times change. Nothing lasts forever. Even this year seems to be desparate to end. At least Christmas isn't being pushed as much this year, or so it seems. Think it's time I wrapped this up before you all start throwing things at the screen.

One last thing: if you have a stinking cold and you're finding it hard to breathe, Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle works wonders!

*Official medical terminology**

**Not really

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