Monday, 16 March 2009

Time Flies (When You Can't Be Bothered)

*Blows dust and cobwebs away from seriously neglected blog*


I must apologise. Not for the first time, I kind of stopped writing for no real reason. Where did the second half of 2008 go? Coventry? Really? Oh... it could have told me.

Anyway, without wanting to write a huge essay, I'll quickly fill you in (oh, Matron!) on the basics. I went to London for my birthday, had a great time and even met Catherine Tate, I got a new job that is far better than my last job and I would go as far as saying it is the best job I've ever had. I've also met Russell T Davies (who I ended up mixing up my words with - the end result was we ended up talking about "Doing Billie Piper". Seriously, it's not what you think... well, unless you're Russell T Davies...), and in November I was lucky enough to spend some time with the ultimate Davros - Terry Molloy (He of recent Casualty/Harry Hill's TV Burp fame) and Jamie - AKA Frazer Hines!

Just before Christmas, I was visited by My lovely friend Elisa who saw for herself how bad Oswestry really is. Up until that point, she thought I was just being silly but no, Oswestry really is that bad! Christmas itself was nothing to shout about from my point of view and new year was even worse, as I came down with that evil cold/flu bug everyone was getting and it took ages to shake off!

I entered 2009 still suffering and off work because of it, but was soon back, then back off again as I had some holiday owed to me, so off I went down to Bournemouth for a few days to catch up with Elisa in much nicer surroundings. The hotel was lovely and very cheap, even though I was seemingly the youngest person there. I'm not ageist or anything, but it was really scary for the lift doors to open, revealing a huge queue of smiling pensioners in Reception!

After my holiday was over, it was back to work and the start of driving lessons! Yes, I'm learning to drive, so watch out!!! Apart from spending alot of time with some very lovely friends (you know who you are!), not much else has been going on... well apart from getting a message from Chris Foreman of Madness!!! Sorry, had to boast there, I just had to!

Well, that's basically what I've not been writing about. I didn't think there would be much to put here, but I was wrong. Why couldn't I have been better at writing essays at School and College?!

Fun times, fun places, same old Cheesecake.

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