Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Dreams & Sunshine

Dreams can be very strange buggers. Whole bizarre episodes can evolve from one small thought or incident in the day, no matter how innocent.

Yesterday, for instance, my brother was showing me the Woolworths chocolate he had bought from Cooltrader (a discount supermarket, from which you can buy many oddities, currently including the aforementioned chocolate from the sadly-missed retailer). It was no big event, as they've been stocking it for some time now and I think all I said was something along the lines of it being nice that the memory lives on or something. That was it - I thought nothing of it, went to work as usual, came back to my brother's place and did a few things while I was still awake, before going to bed. Then it all went strange...

I had this dream that I was in Oswestry (ok, so that was more like a nightmare, but let's not go off-track here!) outside the old Woolworths there, only it had re-opened with a slightly different name (though I can't remember exactly what it was). It was just before opening, yet the glass doors where already open, as it appeared they where infact broken and couldn't lock. I could see members of staff sort of sitting on the floor, waiting for the place to open. Things go briefly hazy until opening time, when crowds of people, including myself enter the store, finding it selling exactly the same things, only the interior was looking rather shabby and more like how it used to be until the refit a few years before it closed.

I distincly remember seeing shelves of DVDs and CDs together, yet I then recall going up some grotty staircase to an upper level (the Oswestry Woolworths only ever had a ground-level shop floor), where more of the usual Woolworths-type stuff was on display. To one side, there was a room that once entered, was roughly the size of medium/large shop unit (much like HMV in Shrewsbury for those who know) that only contained CDs. All very strange and I can't remember anything else about the dream, but I seem to recall feeling quite disappointed when I woke up!

Thankfully, today didn't turn out to be a disappointment in the slightest - the sun was shining and I had a mission! This mission, which I chose to accept, was to help my good friend and colleague Rachel buy some bits and bobs for a body painting photo shoot she is doing on Sunday (she is really very good and I've promised to put a link to her website on here once it is up and running, so watch out for it... star in the making!). We thought it would take a while to get everything she needed, but it only took an hour in the end and as the sun was shining, we decided to have a walk and talk and just enjoy the rest of the day. We even decided to visit the Military museum at Shrewsbury Castle. Bit of a random decision, but anyone who knows me, knows I love random events and decisions like that so it was all good! All in all, a very nice day.

Before I go, I would just like to wish my very good friend Phoebe good luck, as she has recently qualified as a Dog Groomer and now has her own business. She grooms her first Dog tomorrow, so good luck and congratulations, I knew you'd get there!

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