Friday, 16 May 2008

There At The Top

Well, after enduring 3 days of pointless smugness (and hot drinks full of ants... but that's another story), I had an interview last Friday at The Works - a shop that sells Books, Arts and Craft materials and other nice things at discount prices. Understandably, I was very nervy as it was my first job interview in ages, but I soon relaxed as the store Manager - who was my interviewer - was really nice and took time to explain things.

All in all, the interview went really well and I admit I was quietly confident, but decided not to get my hopes up too much, so I just made my way over to my old college, as I was going to be helping out with a show. It was nice to be back there among familiar faces, but strange at the same time because things had moved on. To be there working on a show and not have the pressure of coursework didn't feel quite right, but there was still pressure there in the sense of helping to get the show ready - something which I've never forgotten and don't think I ever will!

I got stuck in: finding out what exactly needed doing, watching the rehearsal, helping out with stuff in general etc and basically putting the interview out of my mind. About 2 hours passed when I got a phonecall that I guessed would be informing me I had not got the job. I answered and was greeted with "How would you like a job?" in a familiar voice - familiar because it was very distinct and I had heard it earlier that day - it was my interviewer, or as she was now to become once I had said "I would love a job", my Boss!

After all this time, I had finally got a job! Nine months of disappointment at the hands of The Smug Brigade® and various ignorant bastards and I can now tell them where to go and draw a map for them if they need one! To hell with it, I'll draw them a map anyway... I don't care!!!

I started my job on Monday and I'm loving it. Everyone has a healthy dose of insanity, so I feel I fit right in! On a more serious note, the whole training set up seems really good so far and is actually the best training I've ever had for a job. A really big-bastard-massive "Thank You" to everyone who has been there for me/put up with me through the last nine months, especially a few close people (hope you know who you are) who listened to my depressed rants practically every day but always did what they could, even if it was just to listen. You all made things that little bit easier.

As for the show, things where very tense at times and the pressure really was on, but it went ahead and was well-received and performed brilliantly. Another one for the memories - well done to all involved!

Right now, I'm tired and my contact lenses are having a fight with my eyes, so I'll leave it there. As someone once said some time in the past:



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