Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bastards & Pain

Apologies for the lack of updates for nearly a month. It's not exactly like I've had no time to write anything, it's more of a case that things haven't exactly been fantastic, so I've not really felt like writing for a while and thought it best not to bring you all down on a regular basis.

I've still not got a payed job and it really is frustrating as well as de-motivating. The Smug Brigade* aren't being of any real help as always, going through the same routines and not really giving themselves a positive image by appearing to react to everyone in the same way. I understand that they have to deal with alot of people and that alot of these "punters" aren't making any real effort to find work when there's clearly no reason for them not to (I'm not including anyone who has an actual reason for not being in work, as I know there are many) and that it can be hard to tell who is telling the truth and who isn't without actually knowing people on a personal level, but they must have a certain amount of bullshit shoved at them on a regular basis, so it should be relatively easy to spot the bullshitters. I've been exposed to quite alot of it over the years and I can easily spot a bullshitter if need be!

I'm now being pushed onto another Council initiative that is supposed to be completely different to all that have gone before, but after having it explained to me on Tuesday, about 75% of it sounds exactly the same. The upside to it is that I won't have to get up at Stupid O' Clock and travel half way around the world to get there... and that's it as far as the positives go. The rest sounds smug and pointless as usual. It starts on Tuesday and runs between 8 and 13 weeks and I reckon it'll be one heck of a miracle if I can get through the first day, let alone the rest of it.

Away from that, I've been having trouble with a Wisdom tooth that has suddenly decided to make it's entrance into my mouth. Now I've always known that it can be a painful experience, having seen both my nephews go through it as babies along with the sprogs of some friends over time and I've always felt sorry for any little chap or chapess when they've gone through it, but after these last few weeks of occasional, random hours/days of pain that painkillers can't always deal with, teething tots all over the world have my every sympathy! At least the lucky buggers can eat Rusks without looking strange!

Apart from all of the above, there really hasn't been much going on and there haven't exactly been bags and bags of positive things. I admit there are one or two things to look forward to, but I'm not really going to be at my best until someone gives me a chance and gives me a job, so that I can start earning money and getting on with my plans and doing what I really want to do!

*see previous post

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