Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Cheetah, The Gazelle & The Smug Brigade

This week has worked out better than I first thought it would. No, I've not gone insane and no, the 2 week course isn't loads of fun - I just didn't go!

Before fingers start wagging, it wasn't a case of me skiving off becuase I couldn't be bothered, but a case of me waiting on a phonecall from a job I had applied for the previous week. They had been in touch at the weekend and said that they'd call on Monday with the chance of an interview the same day. So I thought rather than miss this chance of a job by going on a pointless course where they would tell me how to get a job, I'd stay at home and wait for this phonecall that could actually lead to a job, thus saving my time and that of the smug brigade.

As it turned out, the phonecall ended in me finding out they had been a tad misleading, in that they had said they where looking for someone to work Monday to Friday, when actually they only wanted someone to work on a Saturday - the one day I can't do! Thankfully, I got another call in the afternoon from a possible job and that sounded more positive, so the day wasn't wasted at all!

The last few days have been fairly quiet, though I admit I've been pouncing on the phone every time it rings... well, not literally jumping on it like a Cheetah does to a Gazelle, as that would result in the computer monitor being knocked off my desk. Not to mention the injuries I'd be likely to sustain.

Today, I had to go to the Job Centre to explain why I didn't do the course, despite the fact I explained it all on Monday morning after the robot from the course told me to phone them. When I got there, I was made to fill out a statement explaining why I didn't do the course. Why couldn't they have written my explanation down on Monday!? No wonder they always seem to be running late in that place! The statement will now be given to some independent bod who will decide if I should lose 2 weeks of my allowance or not. I left the building feeling like I'd been fitted up for some crime I hadn't comitted, all because I didn't go on this pointless course so that they could pretend they had one less figure on their list of unemployed... oh sorry, I'm supposed to say Jobseekers. Excuse me for speaking STRAIGHTFORWARD ENGLISH!

And relax.

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Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you hun, hope you get a job soon and may it be a well paid one too so U can buy me that drink that is oh so nearly 2 years over due........ok 18months almost, but who's counting!!!

Sharni xx