Monday, 24 March 2008

The Madness Begins

Well, here it is - I've got myself a proper blog at last! I'd grown a bit tired with the the old one, which I had done on my MSN space and My Space. They both felt a bit limited in some respects and I just thought rather than writing the same blog on 2 accounts so that different people could see it, why not write it once in a place everyone can go to if they wish? So, many months after my last blog entry, I've finally done it.

I stopped writing because my life had started to go round in circles a bit: I had finished college, I had hardly any money and I felt trapped in Oswestry without a payed job to keep me going. It's still like that, as the Job Centre has been leading me around in circles and smiling in a very smug fashion along the way, but I'm feeling more positive about things now.

Over the last few weeks and months, various things have happened to me. Some of them have been good, some of them have been really bad and some of them have involved cheese (which is part of the good stuff, but I feel it merits a mention of it's own). Anyway, all of these things have made me think about things (even the cheese) and make some changes. The most important change is that I'm now more positive about things and if something is possible, then I'll do it - this blog "reset" is part of that.

That's it for now really. All I can do is promise that I'll try and post something here on a regular basis. Let's see if it lasts! ;)

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