Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I'd Do Anything (for a job... within reason!)

Dear Mr Tudor,

Further to your recent application for the position of (title removed to protect the smug), unfortunately on this occasion I am unable to offer you the courtesy of an interview. I have appointed an applicant with previous (bleep) experience.

However I will keep your details on file...

Blah, blah, blah, you know the rest.

Another rejection letter, another morning started off in a way I didn't want. I hate rejection letters. Ok, so nobody actually likes them, but they always seem smug and inhuman - a brush-off, if you like. What gets me the most are letters like the above one I got today that have that extra little something to rub your nose in it, which in this case is the mention of the successful applicant having previous experience. Not only does that feel like a kick in the teeth, but it proves my point that too many jobs these days rely on you having a certain amount of experience in the exact same line of work being advertised. How the hell can you have experience if no one will take you on without it!?

As you can tell, my search for a payed job still feels like it's going nowhere. I was hoping to have one by the end of this week, but it's looking less and less likely as every hour passes. The reason I really want one by the end of this week is that next monday, I'm due to start an intense 2-week course thing run by the council. By intense, I mean shite, as the basis of it is being told how to get a job and being made to look and apply for jobs under supervision. The "fun" doesn't end there, as I will have to get a combination of taxis and buses to get there and back each day, meaning a very long journey either way and alot of money spent because of it. I'll be given some extra money as an incentive and a tiny amount of my travel costs will be met per mile however, I doubt my daily travel will cost less than £10, so these "gestures" don't really amount to much.

Basically, I'm really desparate for a job now and as my friend Phoebe (who is in the same boat job-wise) said earlier:

Don't you just feel like running into somewhere and screaming "Please give me a job. I'll clean your toilet, I don't care!"

Couldn't have put it better myself. I just want something... anything (within reason) so that I can get some money in and not have to endure 2 weeks of bloody smugness! It'll be worse than being forced to watch GMTV non-stop Monday to Friday for 2 weeks, I know it will!

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A JOB! I'll clean your toilet with my tongue if I have to!!!*

*Think I might actually draw the line at that.

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Unknown said...

*hugs* I know what you're facing because I had the same thing trying to find a job after uni. They all want experience, so you never get the chance to get any.